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The Karalex Pharma management team prides itself on the renowned strength of its customer relationships; the superior quality of products and services; the undeniable integrity of its operations; and the thorough accountability of Karalex Pharma personnel. This is a powerhouse group of industry leaders with the influence, experience, and understanding of the pharmaceutical business to make their unique vision a perfect solution for the US generic marketplace.

Karalex Pharma principals are:

Kevin T. Campbell
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

  • 35+ years broad based pharmaceutical industry experience with leading Branded, Consumer Health, Biotech and Generic drug manufacturers including Copley Pharmaceutical Inc. and Par Pharmaceutical Inc.
  • Specialized expertise and experience in Sales, Sales Operations, Systems Optimization, Materials Management and Quality Assurance.

John Kratochwil
Group Financial Controller

  • 25+ years of financial experience in public accounting and financial management roles with strong experience in reporting, operational finance and IT issues.
  • 15+ years in lead financial management roles with various generic pharmaceutical companies including 10+ years with one company playing a leading role in building and restructuring the financial and operational areas of the company that enabled it to grow profitably from $40Million a year in sales to approximately $210Million in sales over a seven year period.
  • Strong experience working with management throughout a company and with multi-cultural start-up pharmaceutical experience.

Over the past 30 years, the Karalex team has built extensive experience in marketing, sales, and distribution of generic pharmaceuticals within the US marketplace, including related compliance, supply chain, and IT systems. Having strong, well-established relationships enable our team to contract with a variety of smaller, existing US and non-US generic pharmaceutical manufacturers to partner with NDA holders for authorized generics to optimize the ability of such organizations and gain significant US generic market penetration within days of product approval.


Karalex Pharma
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