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Karalex Pharma launched itself as a pharmaceutical company committed to becoming “a leading US provider of marketing and sales services to US classes of trade for developers and manufacturers of generic pharmaceuticals.”

Karalex Pharma is a US generic pharmaceutical company exclusively dedicated to making the needs of our customers and development/manufacturing partners our first and most critical priority. It is this dedication to performance that sets Karalex Pharma apart from all other pharmaceutical providers.

Above all, Karalex Pharma is a service provider. We partner with companies who work with us to take advantage of windows of opportunities.

Karalex Pharma is strategically positioned to take advantage of market opportunities because of its experienced team of generic pharmaceutical sales and marketing executives and the established relationships each of these individuals possesses within the pharmaceutical supply chain. The integrity of their dealings and their high ethical standards have helped to form and sustain rock-solid relationships with important decision-makers in the industry.

Karalex Pharma
A History of Success.

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